UBC Food Safety & Health Engineering Laboratory

The Lu’s Food Safety & Health Engineering Lab at UBC works on genomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics along with nanotechnology to investigate critical scientific questions in food science. We have interest in developing innovative and rapid sensing, instrumentation systems and detection methods for ensuring food safety as well as preventing food bioterrorism and fraud. We also apply molecular biology and genomic approaches to investigate stress response and pathogenesis of microorganisms that post threats to agri-food system and public health. Recently, we have started the investigation of the interaction between food components/diet pattern and human gut.

We focus on both mechanism elucidation and knowledge translation to tackle research challenges in food safety and food industry.

Our current research is focused on five major directions:

(1) Developing biosensor, spectroscopy and single-molecule biophotonics coupled with various separation techniques to rapidly detect chemical and microbiological hazards in food systems

(2) Campylobacter-associated food safety

(3) Food microbiology, including detection and molecular characterization of foodborne pathogens, evaluation of intervention technologies to reduce pathogens in food systems, investigation of the evolution of bacterial antibiotic resistance, assessment of bacterial biofilms, and study of bacterial response due to environmental stresses

(4) Interaction between food components/diet pattern and human gut, such as gut microbiome and gut diseases (e.g., inflammatory bowel disease, gut wounds, and colorectal cancer)

(5) Detection of food fraud and adulteration; identification of food mislabelling

Lab Photo (November 2017)

Front (left to right): Cindy Huang, Hebe Liu, Kaidi Wang, Yaxi Hu, Angeline Zhang, Sally Chen, Lu Han, Luyao Ma, Lina Ma

Back (left to right): Prof. Xiaonan Lu, Shaolong Feng, Anestis Tzanidis, Evan Trofimchuk, Marlen Peterson, Yulan Su, Jinsong Feng, Marti Hua, Mohammed Hakeem

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